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welcome to untamed threads  

.. a shop exclusively for little boys. We're here to help boy moms who want neutral stylish clothes for their son. 

If you're here, you've probably been on the hunt for little boys clothes that don't suck. Sure, we love superheroes and big rigs, but we want our little man to have style that makes us high-five ourselves for nailing motherhood. 

Quick Confession: I've always been a tad jealous of the endless cute little girls clothes that dominate kids clothing stores. As a mom of all boys it definitely left me feeling frustrated. But, not anymore.. 

I'm Erica Anderson, the heart and mind behind this cool little shop. As the badass mama + owner I curate all the bold, simple, and modern threads you'll find for your untamed little boy.

This little shop is all about family and the chance to infuse some serious values into my own three little rascals through the magic of entrepreneurship. Plus, let's face it – we all want our mini-me's to rock a style that's as absolutely fierce as they are!

Established in 2022, untamed threads calls the rural landscapes of South Dakota home. While our styles are currently rocking the online world, buckle up because big things are on the horizon. Join us on this insane ride, and let's see where the  journey takes us!

Thanks a million for being part of this community of boy mamas who are dedicated to raising strong and confident little boys. We're seriously humbled and grateful for your love and support.

Here's to making your little guy the coolest dude on the block!

erica + the boys